Outdoor Tennis Courts

This page shows free or hourly-rate public outdoor courts in and around Montreal.

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Most courts can be booked up to one day in advance on the telephone, or in person with the attendant. For more info, visit the borough website for that area (note that Cote St Luc, Hampstead, Montreal West, Westmount, Mont-Royal, and Montreal East all have separate sites).

Click on the map to see it in full-screen, with an index. Wherever possible, the court surface has been listed but this information is not always reliable.

Here are the courts with practice walls:

Mohawk – Mont-Royal
Poly PAT – Pointe aux Trembles
Carnigan – Lachine [reported, not confirmed]Most courts limit access to those with sporting passes for that borough, however guest passes are available for purchase (usually during weekdays). Some courts are completely free and open to all the public. When information has been available this has been marked, however you will find if you go out enough, courts are left unattended and it is usually pretty easy to find one close to your area that you neither have to book nor pay for. It is also worth looking into the Acces Montreal card for some savings and other privileges.

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Nicolas-Viel (95 Gouin West – 9 courts), Marcelin-Wilson (11301 L’Acadie Blvd – 6 courts, free), Saraguay (9300 blvd Gouin Ouest – 1 court, free), Henri-Julien (9300 rue Saint-Denis, 4 courts, free), Complexe Sportif Claude-Robillard (1000 ave Emile-Journault, 12 courts)
Des Roserales (7070 ave de la Nantaise, 4 courts), Goncourt (7130 ave Goncourt, 2 courts), Lucie-Bruneau (7051 ave de l’Alsace, 5 courts), Roger-Rousseau (7501 ave Rondeau, 4 courts)
 Côte-des-Neiges/ Notre Dame de Grace
Somerled (4900 Hampton, 12 courts), Kent (3220 Appleton, 5 courts), NDG YMCA (Ave Royal between Ave Monkland & de Terrebonne, 3 courts… easy to sneak on)
Centre de Tennis Lachine (1500 rue Remembrance, 12 courts), Carnigan (4100 rue Provost, 4 courts, free), Dixie (695-54 ave, 2 courts, free), Kirkland (150 rue des Erables, 2 courts, free)
Cavelier-de-LaSalle (330-80e ave, 7 courts), Lacharite (55 chemin Latour, 4 courts), Lefebvre (8600 rue Hardy, 3 courts), Leroux (7540 rue Centrale, 2 courts), Menard (300 rue Clement, 2 courts), Mohwak (9620 rue Dalmany, 2 courts), Ouellette (1407 rue Serre, 3 courts), Fiverside (626-35 ave, 2 courts)
Côte St-Luc/Hampstead/Montreal West
Rembrandt (Rembrandt Ave. near Kildare, 2 courts)
Louis Riel (5850, avenue de Carignan, 12 courts)
Montreal North
Calixa-Lavallee (4444 blvd Henri-Bourassa E, 4 courts), Henri-Bourassa (6100 rue Pascal, 4 courts), Ottawa (10341 ave de Lausanne, 2 courts), Pilon (11135 ave des Recollets, 4 courts), St. Laurent (11614 ave Salk, 4 courts), Sauvé (4701 rue de Bayonne, 3 courts)
Town of Mont-Royal
Mohawk Park (corner of Dumfries Rd and Dobie Ave, 14 courts, wall), Connaught Park (1072 blvd Laird, 6 courts)
St-Viateur (ave Querbes and ave Bernard, 6 courts), Garneau (ave Elmwood and ave Outremont, 4 courts), Joyce (ave Rockland and ave Lajoie, 3 courts), Oakwood (Roskilde Ave, 1 court)
Plateau Mont-Royal/Centre Sud/Ville-Marie
Médéric Martin (2255 du Havre, 4 courts), Jeanne-Mance Park (4420 ave de l’Esplanade, 12 courts), La Fontaine (3500 ave Émile-Duployé, 14 courts)
Riviere des Prairies/Pointe aux Trembles
Daniel Johnson (1500 blvd du Tricentenaire, 8 courts, free), Clémentine de la Rousseliere (14002 Notre Dame E , 3 courts, free), Poly P.A.T. (15200 Sherbrooke E., 8 courts, wall, free), Centre recreatif RDP (7650 blvd Maurice-Duplessis, 3 courts, free)
Beaubien (6633-6 ave, 8 courts), Ste-Bernadette (Ste-Zotique and 19th Ave, 3 courts, free), Jean-Duceppe (Mont-Royal Ave. and André-Laurendeau, 3 courts, free)
Alexis-Nihon (2999 rue Badeaux, 3 courts), Cousineau (1740 ave O’Brien, 2 courts), Gohier (730 rue Buchanan, 6 courts), Hartenstein (1505 rue Cardinal, 2 courts), Marcel-Laurin (2345 blvd Thimens, 6 courts), Marlborough (2305 rue Beauzele, 4 courts), Noel-Nord (2900 rue Baker, 2 courts), Noel-Sud (3025 rue Biret, 3 courts), Painter (260 rue Marcotte, 3 courts), St-Laurent (845 rue Poirier, 3 courts)
Coubertin (4755 rue Valery, 2 courts), Delorme (6060 rue Honfleur, 6 courts), Ferland (6020 blvd Lavoisier, 4 courts), Guiseppe-Garibaldi (7125 rue Lienart, 2 courts), Hebert (7505 blvd Provencher, 4 courts), Ladauversiere (7560 blvd Lacordaire, 4 courts), Luigi-Pirandello (4550 rue Compiegne, 2 courts), Pie-XII (5200 blvd Lavoisier, 4 courts)
Sud Ouest
St-Jean-de-Matha (6907 rue Dumas, 4 courts, ATSOM), De la Vérendrye (5900 rue Drake, 9 courts), Roland Proulx (Saint-Ambroise and Sir-Georges-Étienne-Cartier Square, 2 courts, ATSOM), Jacques Viger (St. Phillipe and St. Emilie, 2 courts, ATSOM)
Arthur-Therrien (3750 blvd Gaetan-Laberge, 6 courts), De La Reine-Elizabeth (1650 rue Crawford, 4 courts), Wilson (1075 ave Brown, 4 courts)
Elgar (260 rue Elgar, 6 courts), De La Fontaine (150 place de la Fontaine, 6 courts)
Villeray/St-Michel/Park Extension
Jarry (285 Faillon W, 12 courts ), François Perrault (7501 François-Perrault, 4 courts, free ), Georges-Vernot (8475 13e Ave, 2 courts)
Devon Park (between Upper Lansdowne and Upper Belmont, 1 court), Westmount Park (corner Sherbrooke and Melville, 3 courts), King George Park (Côte St-Antoine and Murray, 4 courts), Westmount Athletic Grounds (Ste-Catherine and Hallowell, 2 courts), Stayner (1 rue Stayner, 2 courts)

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