Tennis Racquet Stringing In Montreal

For the best deal on racquet stringing, check your local tennis clubs (on corkboards) or around public courts (on posts, on the entry gates). Often you will find info from private racquet stringers in your area.

Most tennis stores in Montreal will charge around $20-$25 plus the cost of string. Sometimes their selection of string is limited, or too expensive.

Check out some string info on Tennis Warehouse first, then head off to Ebay or Amazon to order value-priced string. If you find this website helpful, we’d really appreciate if you buy string using the link below:

When Should I Re-String My Racquet?

  1. The old recreational tennis rule of thumb says to change your strings as many times per year as you play per week. So if you play twice a week, change your strings twice a year.
  2. You can look at your strings and when they are worn or peeling, or you feel a lack of action (or “pop”), then it’s time to re-string.
  3. Just replace them when they break. Hopefully you have an extra racquet in your bag to finish your game…

Understand String Gauge & Material

Tennis strings are rated from 15 (thickest) to 19 (thinnest). If it has an “L” it means half-thicker (16 is thicker than 16L, and 16L in thicker than 17).

Thin strings give you better control, but thick strings last way longer. If you are a budget player and someone who plays less than every week, you might want thicker strings.

String material can be natural or synthetic. For more information, visit the Tennis Warehouse page All About Strings & Stringing.