Tennis Lessons In Montreal

There are several tennis pros and tennis instructors in Montreal who give private lessons.

Lessons can be one on one, or in a group (cheaper). One of the best options for a good price, while still learning rapidly, is to pick a friend who is at a similar level to you and split lessons with them.

When you get a lesson at a private club, it is easier to get a court (most coaches will do it for you). On public courts, you must book the court or just go on a first-come-first serve basis. Sometimes Montreal tennis coaches will get in trouble if they try to give you a lesson on the court. It is just something to be aware of.

Online Tennis Instruction

You can save a lot of money by watching (well made) videos and the going to the court to practice what you’ve learned.

Some of the best online tennis lessons are done by Tomaz Mencinger at FeelTennis.

This is not a “hack” to become a great player in one day. You need to watch the lessons, think about them, then go out and drill and practice. But the FeelTennis online lessons will give you a great foundation, and the confidence to improve your game on your own time.

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